Our focus is on design. From conception through completion, we are engaged in every stage of the design process. Still, we are specialized in the schematic design stage.

Established in Montevideo Uruguay, we position ourselves as global architects. We target quality conscious clients, who value and consume high-level design, regardless of their location. Developers, corporative clients and final consumers.

Our work combines a solid conceptual approach with a deep study of programmatic exigencies, achieving design levels that are both spatially efficient, and aesthetically compelling, towards meeting the needs of the most demanding users.


We provide services in different stages of the process of architectural design, offering a product that accomplishes all local standards and regulations depending where the building is sited. Our services can be divided into three basic stages, based on the AIA guidelines:

Schematic Design Phase

At this stage we make a consultation with the client to determine the project goals and requirements. An architectural program is set, with an estimated square footage, where all the required functions for the project are defined. As the research phase of the project, zoning requirements and jurisdictional restrictions are discovered and addressed.
During this phase we commonly develop study drawings, documents and any other media that illustrates the concepts of the design: spatial relationships, scale and form for the client to review.
Deliverables: site plan, floor plan(s), sections, elevation(s), including overall dimensions and construction cost estimation. Other illustrative materials such as renderings, 3d models or animations can be produced. Costs are to be estimated based on the overall project volume.

Design Development Phase

Once the Schematic is approved by the client, the initial design documents take one step forward in this stage. Here we specify the design elements such as location of windows and doors and material types.
This phase considers more carefully the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural layouts, as well as the first stage of the architectural details.
The level of detail is determined by the client’s request and the project requirements.
Deliverables: floor plans, sections, and elevations with full dimensions. Typically include outline material specifications.

Construction Document Phase Services

Once the client and us are satisfied with the documents originated in the Design Development, we proceed to produce drawings with larger detail. These include specifications for construction details and materials, and results in the contractors’ final estimate of project costs. Working with structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultants is a need at this stage.
Deliverables: All pertinent information required for the contractor to price and build the project.


As means of communication, the production of images and graphic media is an increasingly substantial tool used for pre-figurating a space. Visualization, understood as the process of generating a scene by means of computer programs, is a very powerful phenomenon of contemporaneity.

We offer a broad spectrum of high-quality graphic alternatives, approaching every customs preferences, as a way to obtain virtual realities and vivid sensory atmospheres.

Still Images

At Martinez/Rudolph achieving an image, as the visual communication of an idea, is much more than only reproducing forms and materials. As architects, our sensible contribution to an architectural space developed by another designer involves a creative challenge; an intimate dialogue with the project itself. The commitment to this task implies that the final product should be satisfactory, both for us and our customer.


Movies are used as a high impact marketing element to reach target clients. The addition of time as a fourth dimension gives us the possibility to show new aspects of the project.

Interactive Solutions

Our team is constantly exploring new opportunities in the technology field, working in a collaborative effort to create both immersive and interactive 360° experiences.